Product development

Developing successful new products requires a cross-disciplinary collaboration. With our broad knowledge from many fields, we can accelerate your journey to market.

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Hurdles we help to clear

We know there are many hurdles that slow down a new product’s journey to market, including:

  • Longer innovation cycles for physical objects

  • High complexity and multiple dependencies

  • More demanding UX / UI

  • Need to consider after-sales support

Our innovation process

The main goal of the product innovation process is to assemble the essential ingredients—desirability, feasibility and viability—as quickly and efficiently as possible. With our broad know-how we are able to support all three. But every project is unique, so we also propose innovation methods and tools that make the most sense for you and your situation.

We divide the Innovation Process in five different phases: Radar, Concept, Validation, Realisation and Scaling. The support we give depends on what you already have.

The benefits of working with us


Creative doers

We have the ability to dream big and to create concrete new solutions.


Accuracy & speed

Our experience helps you overcome the hurdles of product innovation.



We provide surprising inspiration from other industries.



Our support is customised to your needs and your current situation.

Tonino Lanci

Product Mastermind, Plastics Expert

«Bringing technical ideas to life is what I love.»

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