Moonshot to landing: Co-creating Swisscom’s insurance offer

Swisscom, the leading telecom provider in Switzerland, made a surprising announcement with the launch of a new insurance offering – Swisscom sure. Swisscom decided to break the mould and introduce a new era of insurance. Our Dream Team helped make that moonshot possible.

A bold move to another industry

On 24 April 2024, Swisscom announced that in addition to its core business, it would also be offering various insurance products. Customers can turn to Swisscom as a one-stop shop for communications, IT and entertainment – as well as liability, household, care, legal, cyber security and rental insurance.

Swisscom and insurance? Where do you start if you want to launch an offer that goes beyond your company’s industry? Answer: with the market and the customer. Swisscom’s moonshot team had already learned a lot about the market and, based on initial simple calculations, it quickly became clear that the market held potential for further innovative insurance offers. This raised the question of what these offers required in order for them to be attractive to customers. Understanding that insurance wasn’t a source of joy for most customers, Swisscom sought to introduce a new way of interacting with an insurance provider and selecting coverage.

The idea was presented as a “moonshot” – something that was so big it seemed impossible to make a reality. But with the right support, the idea gained traction and become tangible. When Creaholic joined Swisscom’s project, the extremely ambitious moonshot had received the green light for a first phase, but it wasn’t until initial workshops in our Invention Ramp that the first ideas were transformed into prototypes. From February to October 2023, our Dream Team supported Swisscom with workshops, smoke tests, prototyping, journey mapping and customer interviews. We weren’t just along for the ride; we helped steer the ship.

Moonshot landing: Mission accomplished

On 24 April 2024, Swisscom’s ambitious moonshot, Swisscom sure, landed! The highly customer-centric offer went live throughout Switzerland after just over a year of intensive work. As the idea became a reality, the team grew and a completely new business unit was established. The new faces brought new ideas and fresh inspiration, strengthening the “one-team spirit” that Alex had established when the team was made up of only a few people.

This project proves that investment in innovation is as necessary for growth as taking calculated risks. With quick iterations, contact with customers, outside perspectives and real-world simulations, Creaholic helped Swisscom fast-track a moonshot idea.

Interview with Alexander Mohri & Tiziano Sabbioni

Tiziano Sabbioni

Innovation Strategist

«Finding innovation opportunties and delivering on them is what drives me.»

Want to make cross-industry innovation happen?

Want to make cross-industry innovation happen?

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