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As former Customer Experience Management (CEM) leaders at large organisations, we’ve been responsible for budgets in the millions and have first-hand experience of all the highs and lows of CEM.

Creaholic offers:

  • Introduction to and integration of CEM into existing structures

  • Journey design: Designing customer experiences in a targeted way for high customer satisfaction and increased value.

  • Mastering complexity: Establishing one system to manage multiple journeys.

  • Making the best possible investment and getting ROI: Making Customer Experience Management performant and measurable.

Targeted optimisation is at the heart of Customer Experience Management

We believe that companies are most successful when they have loyal customers. And we also believe that employees can play a vital role in building this loyalty.

When customers have a positive or outstanding experience with a company, they will remain loyal. Loyal customers buy more, are open to complementary offers from the company and recommend the company to others.

 Customer experience becomes tangible through the customer journey. This is the customer’s experience as they interact with the company through the website, emails, product details, waiting times, and more. This is where Customer Experience Management comes in. It increases positive experiences and reduces negative experiences.

 Customer Experience Management enables the design and control of customer journeys so they can be optimised in a targeted way.

The challenges of Customer Experience Management

Every company delivers customer experiences. However, only a few manage to design them with a focused approach. Many companies do not integrate Customer Experience Management (CEM) into their own structures in a sustainable and measurable way.

  • Integrating CEM into existing structures: Conventional CEM is usually either operated as a silo or the whole company is adapted to CEM. In our experience, neither of these approaches leads to desired success for the business or for customers.

  • Getting a grip on complexity: The number of possible journeys for most companies in in the thousands. The challenge is to systematically identify and optimise the 20% that can deliver 80% of the financial return.

  • Prove economic viability: Bringing in money is important, but being able to prove that it does is an even more important aspect of CEM in the long-run. Only with this knowledge can an in-house CEM team secure the necessary budget and freedom to tackle additional projects with an even higher economic impact.

Level-up your CEM now

Introducing and developing CEM with Creaholic’s support

Our CEM experts have worked with companies in different industries to integrate CEM, develop it further and see it make a seismic impact. From this, we know exactly what it takes to successfully establish CEM, build it from scratch, bring it up to speed and use it with measurable profitability.

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We’ve made an impact at these companies

These companies have discovered that purposefully designing, implementing and managing customer experience is the key to success.

How we help CX leaders create more value

  • Setup for Success: We help teams seamlessly integrate CEM into their organisation.

  • Journey Discovery: Together, we identify the journeys that are possible, deliver the biggest impact and develop a targeted journey management solution.

  • Journey Optimisation: Creaholic supports CEM teams in using real data to optimise existing journeys and ensure measurable profitability.

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Extensive experience

Our experts have previously been CEM leaders in large companies and have successfully completed CEM projects as part of Creaholic.


Focused on results

A solid CEM strategy contributes to the success of a company. In our collaborations, this is always a priority.


Knowledge transfer

We share our expertise to empower clients’ employees to make a sustainable contribution to their CEM. We can also help put together your CEM team.


Sustainable solutions

We want you to be able to manage CEM on your own. We help teams integrate CEM into the existing structure so activities can be run independently with a long-term vision.

Lesson #1: Stop doing everything for your customers

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