Innovation Culture Checkpoint

Is your culture transformation stuck? Or does it need to be relaunched? Whatever your situation, this workshop can help you to get up to speed again.

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What questions will be tackled?

  • Challenge #1: What is our understanding of innovation within our organization and what impact are we aiming for when we attempt innovation cultural change?

  • Challenge #2: Which measures put in place today are the most impactful for our innovation transformation goal?

  • Challenge #3: How can we get everybody on board, and how should we deal with missing buy-in? Ultimately, how can we create the urgency to act on culture initiatives?

  • Challenge #4: How should we measure and track our transformation?

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Details: Innovation Culture Checkpoint

The Innovation Culture Checkpoint is a tried and tested 1.5-day workshop format to boost your culture transformation. The main goal is to provide a quick, forward-looking analysis of your transformation and to come up with new and creative change activities.

The workshop is divided into three parts:

  1. Status-quo analysis:
    We examine your previous transformation activities from a holistic perspective using the Innovation Culture Compass. Furthermore, we analyse the relationship between your innovation goals and your cultural setup.

  2. Cross-industry inspiration:
    We share with you the best practices and unconventional approaches to successfully realise transformative goals. Together we identify the practical insights you can adapt to your situation.

  3. Updating your roadmap:
    We derive targeted measures along the Innovation Culture Compass to address your company innovation goal. In the last step, the measures will be prioritized to best exploit available resources.

What we'll contribute: The complete workshop design and facilitation, our 15 years of practical experience in the field of nurturing innovation culture as well as our cross-industry expertise.

What you'll need to contribute: A part of your transformation project team and a short summary of your past change activities (if any).

What you'll get:

  • Deliverable #1: Holistic analysis of your transformation journey with identified gaps along the Innovation Culture Compass

  • Deliverable #2: Cross-industry best practices adapted to your company and situation

  • Deliverable #3: A pragmatic roadmap with tactically relevant fields of action to achieve the desired transformational goal

The benefits of the Innovation Culture Checkpoint


Creative boost

Identify the strengths and gaps of your transformation project


Inspire & adapt

We our help, adapt best practices from other industries


Increased buy-in

Learn how you can engage employees and management for change initiatives


Measure & track

Learn a new way to measure and track the whole transformation journey

Katja Bürki

Innovation Culture Champion

«Fostering culture is what drives me.»

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