Everyone knows it: Change – the ability of organisations to adapt and thrive – is vital in today's rapidly evolving market.

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Strategic: Shape your company’s culture, with intent

Culture is a buzzword, yes, but it’s an essential concept, too. Our strategic support in the context of Change helps you to define the why of your culture initiative. What do you want to achieve with your culture initiative? And how could you measure it? From there, we work with you to develop a customised change story and creative measures to foster the aspired culture using an iterative and systematic approach.

Creative: Make change tangible

Executing change measures is not always easy and it takes time. With our vast experience, our change experts can help you develop the key measures that will drive a culture in the best way possible. Our support ranges from creating physical installations that deliver the change story in a meaningful way to developing digital solutions that get your employees into reflection mode. The possibilities are endless; we can help you choose and execute the right ones.

Transformative: Revolutionise your organisation

Evolving your company's culture requires a deliberate and sustained effort. Our team provides training, coaching and support for your organisational development path, to help your employees hone the skills and confidence needed to drive transformation. At the same time, you can cultivate a culture of feedback and collaboration that encourages new ideas and creative problem solving.

Katja Bürki

Innovation Culture Designer, Leadership Expert

"Solving complex problems in organisations and society is what motivates me."

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