Tailor-made innovation coaching for Raiffeisen

Raiffeisen, a leading banking group in Switzerland, had the framework to tap into the intrapreneurial potential of its employees. With Creaholic’s support, they transformed the framework into a fully functioning intrapreneurship programme with an internal competition, coaching and a range of innovation services. See how three out of 10 business ideas became a reality for Raiffeisen.

Intrapreneurship ideas that progressed

Several ideas showed huge potential and Creaholic was able to work with these teams on crystallising the ideas, finding the “sweet spot” between feasibility, customer desirability, viability and responsibility, and ultimately turning the idea into a reality.


This non-monetary 4th pension pillar is built on time credits that are received when seniors in need are supported with tasks such as gardening, grocery shopping, transportation or cleaning. The hours recorded for completing these activities are placed in a “time bank” and can be used when the customer needs assistance when they retire. At the heart of this service is the goal of strengthening volunteering and creating non-monetary incentive.

What we did: Creaholic brought this idea to life by connecting to existing organisations and networks related and setting up interviews where we could listen and learn from their experiences. From there, we created a strategy for Raiffeisen to take the next steps in this direction.


This idea was born from the challenge of remaining close to customers while at the same time being confronted with sharply declining numbers of visitors to bank counters. With the transformation of the Neuenegg bank counter into a LokalBüro, Raiffeisen Sensetal can continue to make use of its offices by transforming it into a local hub where “advisors” – often retired seniors – who want to share their experience and network donate their time to answer everyday questions from members of the local community. Additionally, coworking spaces and meeting rooms can be booked. In this way, Raiffeisen maintains its connection to the local people by providing the space for these valuable exchanges to take place. The first pilot started in July 2023 in Neuenegg and if successful, the idea may spread to other Raiffeisen banks.

What we did: Creaholic supported Raiffeisen in validating the idea using a lean co-creation approach that involved filtering assumptions on which the idea was based and gaining important insights in workshops and interviews. In the implementation phase, Creaholic developed the manifesto and mission statement of the local office.


The team behind this idea took on the challenge of improving the overall quality, consistency and future viability of Raiffeisen’s current offerings for children. The first pilot test launched in December 2022 redesigned assets tailored for kids which encouraged saving money in a playful way. The results showed positive feedback among parents and bank employees, as well as an increase in “bright-eyed kids” bank visits and money-saving activities. Together with further initiatives, YoungMembersKids serves as a first building block aimed at a more streamlined and contemporary experience that playfully teaches and supports children in money matters.

What we did: To help the team behind "YoungMemberKids" navigate through the uncertainties of their journey, Creaholic provided methodological coaching along the team’s innovation process. Additionally, Creaholic designed the prototypes involved in the pilot in close collaboration with the team.

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