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Since 1986 we have been innovating in many industries including strongly in the medtech area. In this time, we have built up a broad knowledge base ranging from the development of new medical device platform technologies to user centred design solutions to novel services.

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In our approach to innovation, we look at a problem through multiple lenses: user needs, technological possibilities, and business viability.

Our holistic approach helps us to find solution-based, and not only product-based outcomes. We start by listening and taking in the views of the stakeholders, then from the insights gathered we identify all critical aspects, taking into consideration a future thinking perspective.

This gives us the foundation to develop a strategic approach to new products, new technologies, and new services. We develop different concepts that we prototype to test their usability considering human factors and behaviour, their desirability by testing the value proposition and new design features.

An example from the life sciences field is the work we did with the team of 4D Lifetec.

We help you generate value

Using our experience across many industries, working in interdisciplinary and diverse teams when brainstorming and throughout a product development, helps us to stay unbiased, increase creativity and critical thinking when looking in unexpected places for innovative, context-based solutions.

We not only have people from engineering, industrial design, and marketing in our development teams, but also economists, business developers, patent and legal advisors. Because of these competencies we can support through the whole product development and make sure that insights gained in early stages and learnings made on the way can be implemented into a final solution.

Our work with Boehringer Ingelheim enabled them to expand production capacity at their Dortmund site for the Respimat inhaler to 44 million units per year.

In many industries digitalization and the new possibilities of improved interactions and learning systems are a topic of increased importance. We have a dedicated team working on our own digital products and IOT solutions that can support any development in these areas as well.

An example for such work was the extremely interesting international project collaboration on the development of the NeuroPro EEG headset.

We help you get to market faster

We apply an iterative process of fast learning loops where we broaden our thinking by mapping ideas, formulating our assumptions, then build and test these with quick prototypes. With this knowledge base we can rapidly focus on the right solution for a robust design in the concept stage. This approach also helps to reduce the risk of failure and rework in the later stages.

We understand the real-world challenges as we have built 12 of our own Start-Ups, several of them in the medical field, from initial idea to market and have supported many more on their journeys. If needed, we take advantage of our network of partner companies for a smooth introduction into the market.

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Clémentine Favre

Project Manager, Engineer, Medtech Expert

«Finding simple, safe and reliable solutions for peoples well-being is what drives us»

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