Future Thinking

We can’t predict what’s around the next corner, but we can hypothesise and prepare for the consequences. Futures Thinking is a process that enables us to make informed decisions, about the next five to ten years. Shape your company’s future today, instead of being surprised by it tomorrow.

Shape the future today!

Those who just wait for the future lose the chance to help shape it.

That’s where we can help!

Shape the future today!

Future Thinking requires three things: Mindset, method und mettle!

Our experts combine future thinking and foresight training with years of cross-industry experience in product development, service development and innovation projects.

Find out why resilient mindset is so important for future thinking success.

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What it means to work with us


We make Future Doing easier

and work with you to make sure you realise its full potential.


We know the methods

and know how to get them across. That’s why we can train you and your team for optimal knowledge transfer.


We have experience with the future

because we’re professional inventors and love to think ahead.


We have cross-industry know-how

because we guide businesses of every type into the future.

Group 9

We love to think like entrepreneurs

We have 15+ years of experience in nurturing culture from within.

We have IP expertise

and can give you and your ideas the best possible protection for the future.

Béatrice Merlach

Strategy advisor

«Your future begins when you decide to shape it. Start today!»

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