Headset for epilepsy patients

How to increase the quality of life of epilepsy diagnosed patients?


NeuroPro is a Swiss-based medtech, research and commercialization company focused on bringing cutting-edge technology to the healthcare community and innovating safe and low-cost solutions for applied EEG signal analysis. NeuroPro’s co-founders, Dr. Walid Juffali and Dr. Jamil El-Imad, developed an algorithm (WiNAM) to predict the onset of epileptic seizure based on abnormal brain activity.

When they considered the life situation of a person diagnosed with epilepsy and the clinical and research hardware available, they realized that existing devices and computing infrastructure for monitoring and analysis of brain signals were not simple, comfortable or affordable enough to assist patients in their daily lives and help restore their confidence.

With this vision in mind NeuroPro approached Creaholic to start a collaboration on the development of their mobile EEG monitoring device: NeuroTrail.

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