Innovation culture

Your company is motivated to innovate, but you’re stuck in the starting blocks with questions like: “How do we start?”, and “How can we make the biggest impact?”.

You know that the right innovation culture can unlock multiple doors to innovation… but how do you cultivate that culture?

Using our cross-industry expertise, we can help you create an innovation culture that empowers employees to realise their full potential to build services and offerings that lead your company to success.

Together, we can shape your innovation culture in a targeted way.

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What is innovation culture?

Companies that prioritise innovation culture establish a framework that fuels collaboration to create innovative solutions.

In this way, they harness the power of their teams to bring innovative ideas to life.

Not only are customers pleased with the results, but employees are motivated by the opportunities for out-of-the-box thinking as well.

Innovation culture allows your employees and your company to maximise their full potential

Innovative ideation


Proactive product optimisation

Expanding competitive advantage


Brand optimisation

Strengthening employer branding

Group 9

Increasing employer satisfaction

A strong culture is the most sustainable driver of innovation.

Strengthen your innovation culture
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14 signs your culture needs a redesign

The first step in a culture transformation is recognising that there is room for improvement in the status quo.

There are 14 signs you can look out for. Find out what they are and what we recommend doing if you notice them in your workplace.

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A purposefully cultivated innovation culture leads to success.



The goal is the target.

You need a finish line to define the start, the course and the timing.


We connect what has not yet been connected using new ways of thinking and proven methods.

Together, we will overcome common obstacles and develop the measures that will help you achieve your goals.


Using an analysis of what already exists, we identify strengths and overcome weaknesses. With this approach, we can make practical recommendations for ways to uncover opportunities and possibilities.

Lasting success

We take every step from analysis to conception to implementation together.

 At the end of our collaboration, Creaholic will provide you with a comprehensive plan that will show you how to live your new innovation culture in a structured, purposeful and sustainable way. This new culture will inspire your team and lead your company to introducing new innovations on the market.

Katja Bürki

Innovation Culture Designer, Leadership Expert

«Solving complex problems in organisations and society is what motivates me.»

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