You know that to stay ahead of the competition, your products and services need to create unique and relevant experiences for your customers. This is essential.

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Strategic: Build a roadmap to innovation success

Knowing where and why to enhance or enlarge your portfolio is one of the biggest challenges. Based on our strategic support in the context of Relevance, we work with you to develop customer experience management or portfolio strategy that is fully integrated into your business to meet goals, leverages the latest technologies and makes use of market insight. The experts that make up our Dream Team provide on-going support that helps you manage your customer journeys and products, ensuring that your offerings stay on brand, on track and in demand.

Creative: Bring your ideas to life

When your innovation team gets stuck, our team is here to help. Innovation projects often call for outside support. From product development to service design, we provide comprehensive support through every step of the innovation journey. You can count on Creaholic for prototype development, market validation and business model creation – and much more. By working closely with you and your team, we help bring your ideas to life, iterate according to customer feedback, and eventually launching offerings that your customers want.

Transformative: Evolve a customer-centred culture

To achieve customer-centricity within your organisation, the right mindset, culture and strategy must be in place. When you involve Creaholic in your transformation initiative, we first assess your current culture and processes. From there, we develop tailor-made elements, like a change story that helps stakeholders and employees get on board with a new customer-centric way of thinking and doing. We can also create bespoke training modules in this area as well. Our goal is to help you create a culture that fosters innovation and a customer-centric mindset that propels the success of your products and services.

Clémentine Favre

Project Manager, Engineer, Medtech Expert

"Finding simple, safe and reliable solutions for peoples well-being is what drives us."

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