School of Applied Innovation

Get inspired and expand your innovation competencies.

What's your role in the game?

Leading innovation

Innovation means changing the status quo. Get ready to lead this change in a team or organisation and learn how to create an environment that fosters entrepreneurship and inspire a culture of innovation.

Doing innovation

Get stuff done. These modules are about implementation and getting hands-on with innovation. Learn the tools of the trade, boost and hone your skills as an innovator by practicing techniques that help you create the future.

Upcoming course dates

  • Prototyping and Visualization

    27. Jan. 21

    8:45 - 16:45 Biel, Invention Ramp.

    Mach deine Idee sicht- und greifbar: durch Visualisierung und Prototyping wird sie sofort erlebbar und du kannst sie mit Feedback weiterentwickeln.

  • Human Centred Design

    2. Feb. 21

    8:45 - 16:45 Bern, Genfergasse - Swisscom.

    Lerne in diesem hands-on Kurs das Human Centered Design Mindset und Toolkit kennen, um Kunden mit deinen neuen Angeboten zu begeistern!

  • Facilitation I

    3. Feb. 21

    Online-Start 17.2. Biel, Creaholic 26.4. Jam Session

    Für effektive Meetings, Workshops & agile Rituale.


Companies who have trusted us to help build their innovation skills

Swisscom, Georg Fischer, AMAG, Mibelle, Swiss Life, Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa, SUVA, EJPD, EWB, Hilti, isolutions, OIZ, PostFinance, EWZ, SV-Group, Mikron, Laveba and many more.

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