Unbox Your Thinking

Get to know your brain better and discover how you and your team can develop better surprising ideas.

Course structure

A creativity workout awaits you, whether online or in-person.

Experience an inspirational mix of self-testing, group work, paired reflection and a plenary presentation. You’ll get to know the other participants in a special way, find approaches for supporting your own creativity, reflect on the factors that influence your creativity, and immerse yourself in the whys and wherefores of different creativity methods. One or two surprises might be in store as well…

Christoph Frei

Inventor & Trainer

"Learn, create and grow".

Interested in this training?

The Unbox Your Thinking training is organised through our partner, Akros Academy. Let us know if we should reserve your spot for the next session – or perhaps we can build parts of this module into a customised training for your team.