Designing for award-winners

Standing on stage and receiving an award in front of an audience of other esteemed entrepreneurs and innovators is the culmination of vision, hard work, setbacks and perseverance. The journey behind the creation of the trophy is similar – at least for the Swiss Technology Award, Swiss Economic Award and SEF.WomenAward. Each one designed right here at Creaholic.

From high-tech to masterpiece

The work performed by Mario in designing these awards underscores the breadth and depth of our skillset. From customer experience management to technical product development, our Professional Inventors are equipped with skills to execute a diverse range of projects for our clients. And we never skimp on the creativity – the awards design is obvious proof of the artistic flair often incorporated into many of our projects.

And now, we’d like to take these last lines to congratulate all the winners of the Swiss Technology Award, Swiss Economic Award and SEF.WomenAward – keep up the great work. We hope these awards continue to be a symbol of your achievement and how far your entrepreneurial spirit has taken you!

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