DNA Damage Detection Device

How can we increase the reliability and quantity of comet assay testing by tenfold?

Background and Challenge

4D Lifetec is an innovative Swiss start-up founded in 2014 by Dr. Arne Faisst and Nick Mijnssen. Their vision was to create a breakthrough in large-scale early cancer diagnostics. Creaholic helped them develop its proprietary and fully patented 4D Lifetest™ Device for the early detection of cancer based on a new innovative biomarker and liquid biopsy technology. The assay has been successfully clinically tested and shows an unprecedented potential in the early detection of cancer. The first application has now received theCE mark for the use in personalized lung cancer diagnostics.

4D Lifetec came to Creaholic with an early prototype of the 4D Lifetest™ device. The prototype was showing first promising results of the technology but was still very large in proportion and not optimal to use. They gave us the challenge to support the engineering team with the overall set up of the product and its usability, the product design, the user interactions, and the graphical user interface.

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