Expertise and ignorance: both are necessary for invention. Expertise is needed to get an innovative project finished … but without ignorance of the normal limits, it never gets started.

Our team has a unique blend of extensive practical expertise derived from a wide range of industries, along with stubborn ignorance of why so-called 'impossible' things can’t be done.

We’re dedicated to cross-fertilizing ideas, exchanging methods and introducing knowledge from one industry to another. This teamwork supports a culture of restless searching for new and better inventions.



Marcel Aeschlimann

Martin Anders

Philipp Bernhard

Naomi Bitmead

Carole Chapelat

Daniela Christen

Stephan Engl

Alexander Faga

Christoph Frei

Jean-Claude Frély

Nicole Friedli-Amtenbrink

Emilie Gueissaz

Angela Haas

Karin Hilzinger

Andrew Hirniak

Antoine Hirschi

Sabine Hug

Kilian Iannucci

Hans-Peter Iseli

Bertrand Jaccoud

Nadine Jost

Michael Karsch

Amrei Kellner

André Klopfenstein

Alexandra Krause

Tonino Lanci

Katja Leu

Samuel Malzach

Markus Mast

Béatrice Merlach

Hannes Merz

Elmar Mock

Bettina Naef

Aymeric Niederhauser

Corinne Ogbeide

Thomas Petrig

Nils Reisen

Petra Saegesser

Vera Schäppi

Dominique Schild

Frank Seifert

Martin Sigrist

Loïc Sottas

Nadja Studer

Silvie Süsstrunk

Christina Taylor

Laurent Torriani

Mario Tronza

Marco von Gunten

Mario Weiss

Olivier Weiss

Judith Wimmer

Hans Peter Wyss

Marianne Zumkehr



Company culture

Invention is usually a lonely activity, but we’ve made it a team sport. This requires a company culture that respects the contradictory attributes required for successful innovation: knowledge, skill and discipline but also spontaneity, rule-breaking and divergence.

Inspiration often requires cross-fertilization of ideas from different disciplines, and that’s only possible if our people maintain their curiosity, broad knowledge and willingness to pursue unexpected insights wherever they lead.

This culture has sustained hundreds of successful projects for clients, as well as pro-active development projects (so-called 'incubation projects') that have led to a half-dozen spin-off companies.




Creaholic was founded in 1986 by an inventor: Elmar Mock, one of the team that developed the revolutionary Swatch. His vision was to establish a company of creative and technically minded individuals with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to deliver ground-breaking projects.

That’s why the goal of all our activities is not simply innovation or even creativity ... it’s invention. Not just generating innovative ideas, but bringing those ideas to market. Although the majority of Creaholic work is for our clients, sometimes we come up with ideas that are so disruptive that we also need to create the companies to commercialise them. Like Elmar, we’re dedicated to the process of practical innovation.





Our team has tremendous expertise … and that includes knowing what we can’t do by ourselves. That’s why we maintain close working relationships with complementary professionals in a wide range of disciplines.

Put a face to the name

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Never missing a good moment. Team player, but hard-headed when necessary. Keeping positive, staying motivated and motivating others. Dreaming of a better world, loving the process of building successful projects and companies. Believing in what I’m doing and doing it.

What I'm good at:

I know how to surround myself with good people and work with them.

My best idea:

…will come tomorrow. All the ones I’ve had so far where just not too bad.


Skills: Thinking in models & eco-systems (Master of Economics), Design Thinking & Facilitation, Agile Marketing & Leadership, Communication and Product Management.

What I’m good at: If I do things, I do them passionately - crunching numbers, creating energy and connecting ideas and people.

What I love: Listening to (live) rock music, playing board games and Star Wars.



Mechanical engineering, CAD, prototyping, research, industrialization, project management

What I'm good at:

Turning ideas into reality.

What I love:

I love to be in nature, whether on foot, on wheels or floating on the water.



Systems engineering, project leadership, project scoping & strategy, IT management and planning

What I'm good at:

My background is in mechatronics, but I am a broad, big-picture thinker and enjoy working on systems and utilizing the interrelations of things. I’m also quite good at talking and exchanging with people, and absorbing and remembering obscure things I have read or come across :o)

What I love:

I have a strong curiosity for technology and love learning new things & relearning stuff I have forgotten. In general, I love meeting people, seeing new sights, reading everything, hearing great music, planning holidays and watching things grow.

Work-wise, I really enjoy the opportunity to work on lots of different projects in a wide variety of fields. Whether it is for a client or an internal incubation, I love the exposure to the different challenges, know-how and knowledge required, and the strategies, needs & cultures that each new project brings.



My background is chemistry, and more specifically, polymer chemistry. I worked for about 8 years in the field of resin formulation for 3D printers (SLA / DLP machines) within several companies, first as a project leader, and then as the person responsible for material development. I also developed IP skills at the same time, because I was the IP advisor for my teams.

What I'm good at:

IP search & landscape, synthesizing information & making reports, photochemistry.

What I love:

I love sharing things and experiences; making the people I love happy, and experiencing new things. I hate having nothing to do, losing time and waking up late.


Skills: I have an engineering background and nowadays I work a lot in the fields of product management, user experience, prototyping und human-centered design.
What I`m good at: I’m good at analytic problem solving and thinking broadly. I’m also an open-minded person who is good at exchanging with people and working in group settings.
What I love: I love feeling the drive of ambitious team work. Furthermore, I like to learn new things and to widen my skills. Overall, I really enjoy traveling, because that way I get to know more about other cultures and mindsets.


I am an information scientist and psychologist by training. My work includes business strategy, research and design for customer experience and product management. This breadth allows me to ‘connect things’ across disciplines and industries.
What I'm good at:
Helping organizations to innovate and to change. How customer-centric are we? How can we do a better job? What do our customers really need?
What I love:
Practicing what I preach. For me this means constantly giving and receiving feedback as a person, as a team and as an organization.


Design Human Centered Value Propositions, Services and Experiences.
What I’m good at:
Starting with a powerful question. Ask more questions, zoom-in, zoom-out and find the right frame for a client's problem.
What I love:
I love to invent stories with my daughter.


Project management, challenging given things, agile and holistic thinking, marketing and communication, facilitation and moderation.
What I’m good at:
Interconnecting people as well as topics, asking the right questions, observing and listening.
I constantly feed my ways of thinking, seeing and doing things from my experience in miscellaneous sectors, locally and internationally (telecommunications, entertainment, beverage and building industries).
What nobody knows:
I have a Chilean passport.



Micromechanics, mechanical engineering, CAD, pneumatics, hydraulics and electronics

What I'm good at:

Everything related to micromechanics

What I love:

I like to follow a project from design to manufacturing, and especially the prototyping phase.



Accounting and administration

What I'm good at:

Bookkeeping for Creaholic and its spin-offs

What I love:

I love the world of numbers and the mountains ... in summer and winter


Skills: With a background in hospitality management and consulting, I work mostly on business strategy, business modelling, customer experience design and product design. Thanks to the broadness of my skills and interests I feel comfortable to work across many industries and subjects.

What I’m good at: Connecting with people and finding out what the core problem is, synthesising to get to the point, presenting and racking my brain together with other creatives to tackle complex challenges.

My best idea: Taking off for a month to Bali, Indonesia, and accomplishing my Yoga Teacher Training.


Human-centered design expert; experienced design thinker. Transforming the way we work in organizations; agile and facilitative leadership; strategic system thinking.
What I’m good at:
Developing and applying creative strategies to solve complex problems in organizations and society. Keeping an overview in complex situations. Challenging and coaching to enable and transform.
My best idea:
Is to follow my intuition.


Applying design thinking to the creation of work environments; applying design thinking to anything, really; years of experience in content curation and production in all sorts of media.
What I’m good at:
Shaping and sharpening ideas and concepts, translating theories into practice/actions, finding out what customers need instead of what they want, fearlessly describing elephants in the room.
What nobody knows:
I am the bemused heir of half of a bunker on the Maginot line.



Multidisciplinary design

What I'm good at:

Creating order out of chaos

My best idea:

My best idea has still to manifest itself. However, so has my worst idea …



Product and industrial design, luxury design (accessories), human centred design, project management, product renderings

What i'm good at:

Listening and understanding people's need, giving shape to an idea, attention to details

What I love:

Making people happy, solving problems, simple design, try new things, being challengend


Holistic visualization, theme and space design, graphic design, live drawing, facilitation and teaching.
What I’m good at:
I am a good listener and with my drawing skills I know how to transform complex content into clear and explainable visuals. This can happen "live" during workshops and events or it can happen on my computer when I have more time. With my skills in staging I transform content into an experience that will later turn into a memory.
What I love:
I love sports in all different forms, my family, my cat and my vegetable garden.



Mechanical engineering, product design, product management, bicycle specification, photography, video editing, prototype construction, CAD, research and coordination

What I'm good at:

A bit of each of my skills

What nobody knows:

My favorite pet is chicken…



Mock-ups, prototyping and organizing

What I'm good at:

Improvising, and helping to bring ideas into reality.

What I love:

I love having the opportunity to work on lots of different projects.



Research and development in the field of packaging, plasma treatments, adhesion, surface modifications and processing

What I'm good at:

I’m good at solving technical problems and pushing innovation into industrialization.

What I love:

I love new challenges and I love to be challenged. I also love discovering new tastes.

I don’t like routine.



I am good with numbers and maintaining focus.

What I'm good at:

Communication and client relations

What I love:

I love summer, hot weather, barbeque, and traveling around the world.


Design thinking, product discovery, workshop and team facilitation, plus all the carryover from my background in "IT systems engineering."
What I’m good at:
Adapting methods, workshop design, understanding teams, discovering new topics.
What I love:
I love to work in a team that clicks, where everybody sees their purpose, where you bounce ideas and iterate without explicitly iterating.


Designing things and thoughts to create stories, experiences, products and businesses.
What I’m good at:
Working on a strategic and detailed level, dealing with complexity, lateral thinking, guiding a team through the design thinking process and keeping an eye on their energy level.
What I love:
Chocolate, mountains, being curious and diverting things from their intended use.



Business strategy, product development, start-ups, management, new business development, project management, entrepreneurship, human resources

What I'm good at:

Detecting talents and setting up a dream team. Keeping cohesion and harmony in an organization. Using existing technologies in a smart way.

What I love:

Spending time with my family. Partying with friends. Listening to a good concert. The Creaholic band.



Mechanical and biomedical engineering, testing, FEM simulation, CAD, CAS in industrial design

What I'm good at:

Finding solutions for complex problems, analytic thinking and research

What nobody knows:

I went swimming with crocodiles in the Kakadu National Park in Australia.



Mechanical design, plastics specialist, project leader, in-house injection-molding expert, packaging and medical technology know-how

What I'm good at:

Project management, understanding clients’ needs, keeping the bigger picture in mind (looking at it from different angles), using plastics and related technologies creatively

What nobody knows:

In the mid 1990s, I worked as an unpaid French tutor during my lunch breaks.


Change and innovation management, design thinking, experience design, business administration, project leadership, corporate communication and marketing.
What I’m good at:
Connecting people and projects, teamwork, empathy, moving from talking to doing, creating passion.
What nobody knows:
I have traveled to all seven continents and lived abroad for two years (Australia & Spain).



Automotive engineering, drive technology, mechatronics, CAD, FEM

What I'm good at:

Keeping an overview of interdisciplinary engineering projects.

What nobody knows:

I am the biggest fan of my father’s artwork: andreasmalzach.ch



Trained in mechanical engineering and further specialized in plastics technology. My focus is on all aspects of technical development and design engineering in various projects.

What I'm good at:

With my structured way of thinking I enjoy bringing different ideas together to form new, innovative solutions.

What nobody knows:

I used to be a keen water-polo player...


Skills: Master in Economics and IT, Strategy and Innovation, Executive Coaching, Strong Leadership, Transformation and Organization Development expertise, Design Thinking & Facilitation, Future Work, Storytelling and Communication.

What I’m good at: Thinking out of the box, inspiring people, pragmatic approaches, getting things done.

What I love: Big dreams, exploring new cultures, getting in touch with people.



Mechanical design, micro technology, medical technology, mechanical engineering of jig-grinding machines

What I'm good at:

CAD, thinking outside the box, analysis, calculations, research, planning, teamwork

What I love:

Letting my thoughts run free. Being in the Alps and sleeping in a tent on top of a mountain.



Breakthrough innovation, entrepreneurship, lecturing, writing

What I'm good at:

Finding solutions, engineering, thinking, debating

My best idea:



Human-centered design & design thinking, prototyping, coaching, (social) entrepreneurship, intercultural competence and communication, international affairs and politics, communication in four languages.
What I’m good at:
Dealing with all kinds of people – whether they are from different cultural backgrounds, from another generation or senior management.
What I love:
The mountains – especially for snowboard tours in winter and for hiking in all parts of the world.
Work-wise, I love working with motivated people and getting things moving together.



Biomedical engineering (MSc), micro- & medical technology (BSc), robotics, mechatronics, FEM simulations, project leadership, entrepreneurship (CAS)

What I'm good at:

Interdisciplinary thinking and engineering, teamwork, cooking

What I love:

I like generate new ideas and push established barriers in a multidisciplinary team. The most beautiful inventions are often made “off-road”.



Administration and organizing things around the office. But I also did an apprenticeship in technical drawing of sanitary installation and as a dental nurse.

What I'm good at:

Working in a team and for people is very important to me. I can adapt quickly to new situations and I’m very spontaneous.

What I love:

Rugby, I’m a coach of the “Rhinos”, the local Junior Rugby Team, being outdoors hiking and skiing and the view from my sitting room window over the Bielersee. And of course my son Jay.


Design and innovation mindsets and methods (design thinking, lean startup, business model canvas, biomimicry), design strategy (storydoing), co-creation and facilitation.
What I’m good at:
Exploring, ideating and helping others unlock their creative potential.
What I love:
I love great challenges and working together with a great team to find creative, yet unexpected solutions.


I am a psychologist by training with a PhD in decision theory, also known as behavioral economics. I am always surprised by how useful this knowledge is for my job as a product manager for digital research products.
What I’m good at:
Creating new approaches to old problems: What do our customers need? What are the barriers keeping our employees from doing their jobs well? How customer-centric is our company?
What I love:
Feedback! A constant stream of feedback is the most effective measure to improve – as a person, as a team and as a company.



Organising, structuring and maintaining a good overview … all of which are invaluable for accounting and bookkeeping.

What I'm good at:

Collaboration, co-operation and compromise ... I always try to find a solution that works for everybody.

What nobody knows:

The most impressive experience I ever had, was the view of the night sky while crossing the Caribbean Ocean. I’ve never before seen the sky so full of stars.



Legal knowledge especially in intellectual property law and contract law, organizing events, instead of waiting with new ideas just trying to implement them as soon as possible.

What I'm good at:

Being full of beans, open-minded and unprejudiced, continuously optimizing my life and the things around me.

What I love:

Trying out new products and services, my balcony garden with salads, tomatoes and strawberries, working with people from other professional fields, helping others stepping out of their comfort zone.



Micromechanics, specializing in the restoration of antique clocks and watches

What I'm good at:

The theory and practice of watchmaking

What I love:

To do shiatsu massage.


My strong business background comes from my experience in different roles in big organizations, mainly in the telecoms Industry. From marketing, business development, and program management to strategy and change management. Human-centered design and design thinking have become some of my passions.
What I'm good at:
I have a passion for creating something new. To cross red lines. To overcome barriers; to be persistent.
My best idea:
To learn more about design thinking. It connected me to my first wish for a profession: being creative.



Mechanical design, physical calculations and simulations, mechatronics, prototyping, testing and data analysis

What I'm good at:

Logical thinking and handling of tiny mechanical pieces

What I love:

I like to understand how things are working, from simple mechanical devices up to the whole universe.



Bioenginnering (biomedical, neural engineering, neuroprosthesis and biomechanics), brain machine interface, electronics, microfabrication, CAD, FEM simulation, data analysis. Always motivated, keeping positive and a team player.

What I'm good at:

Being creative, solving challenges, interdisciplinary thinking, tinkering and turning ideas into concrete products..

What nobody knows:

I was a good horse rider and part of the swiss national team for 7 years.


My background is business administration (M Sc) with focus on personal and organizational development and marketing.
Inspired by the power of a team – keeping positive, staying motivated and motivating others with my passion.
Design Thinking, product development, project management, coaching.
What I’m good at:
To empathize with the people, I’m designing for, to understand their needs and barriers. Focus on developing ideas and paying attention to detail while also keeping an eye on the bigger picture.
Teamwork, collaborates and communicates outside of PowerPoint and hierarchy, interdisciplinary thinking, uncomfortable with the status quo.
What I love:
I love discovering new things, be it countries, projects, people, new sights – and to expand myself.


Visual facilitation, visualization & illustration, prototyping, graphic design & visual communication, training, design thinking.
What I’m good at:
Working in a team, helping people to understand things and find solutions by visualizing them, fantasizing - creating - organizing - optimizing and challenging.
What I love:
My little family, Canada, making people smile, rearranging my flat each month.


System thinking without permission, creative leadership in large corporations, strategic disruption, asking for forgiveness, customer/brand experience design, learning from failure.
What I’m good at:
Coming up with new, bold visions and implementing them with great people in 'hairy' environments. Building and nourishing human-centered innovation cultures.
My best idea:
Coming back from Silicon Valley to Switzerland even if I hated it (at the time).
You can read more about why in Oops! Innovation is no accident. (order)



Ultrasonic welding, statistics, prototyping, test planning and realization, material expertise, wood engineering, organ building

What I'm good at:

Simplifying problems; generating new ideas and testing their functionality. Conceptualizing and creating simple test-devices and prototypes.

What I love:

Discovering new landscapes and the use of wood in startling areas.



Product design, design thinking, product strategy

What I'm good at:

Sensing what role design can play in bringing an advantage to a project

What I love:

To think like a designer.

von Gunten


Screen Design, Interaction Design, Front-end Development

What I'm good at:

I’m good at staying positive and calm in challenging situations. One of my strengths is my technical IT background, which helps me to see into the different aspects of a digital project.

What I love:

Little big details - the small things that make something great instead of just good.



Industrial and product design, project management, technical design and industrialization, design research, tinkering, prototyping and concept visualization

What I'm good at:

Fantasizing, optimizing and organizing

What I love:

Solving problems and making things work in the simplest and most elegant way.


Human-centered design (design thinking), critical thinking (wearing the black hat), branding, presenting.
What I’m good at:
Finding beauty in everything (most things...)
Staying calm
Having and adding fun / being humorous.
What I love:
Music, movies, books and games that move me.
To visit and discover places for the first time… (…and second, and third…)
Aesthetics (furniture, architecture, graphic design, food, packaging, fashion, etc.)
The little things in life.



Master in Media Technology, Human and organizational development (MAS), business modelling and strategic consulting, design thinking, facilitation, visual recording.

What I'm good at:

Seeing a pattern: navigating vertically (from the nitty gritty details to the big picture) and horizontally (from people to process and technology). Challenging and coaching individuals and teams.

What I love:

I love experiencing unfolding and emerging elements due to human interaction.

Hans Peter

A little bit of everything except politics.
What I’m good at:
Producing ideas on the spot; broadening views and bridging gaps between people, disciplines and mindsets.
My best idea:
Came when I was 5 years old. Forgot it the next day and have been searching for it ever since : )


Marketing and communication, human-centered design, facilitation, working in a team.
What I’m good at:
Understanding people without speaking, precise organization, keeping motivated.
What I love:
I love to be outdoors – growing flowers and vegetables in my garden and travelling around with my family in our camper van.

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