What we know about prototyping… so far

Behind the development of a new product or service, there’s often a hidden process, full of deceptive hopes, unexpected resolutions, meaningful mistakes, and unconventional approaches. And prototyping plays a central role in all of this. Here’s what we’ve learned:

9) Work in progress..

In theory, prototyping is never done. Innovators can tinker with old prototypes ad nauseam, test existing ones, or design new ones. The art of prototyping lies in choosing the right moment to draw a line and say ‘enough’. Of course, there’s a residual risk that the final product will be less successful than we hoped. But even if failures are unpleasant at first, the gain in the knowledge they provide can be immense, and it is guaranteed to help with prototyping for future products and services.

That’s why one last thing is important to us: the know-how we’ve laid out in this article is by no means set in stone. Therefore, we will continually revisit and revise this article—just like we would in a successful prototyping process.

We wish you much success with your prototyping efforts!
And lastly, if you're stuck or need support: we're here for you.

(Last update: 07.02.2022)