Elevate product design: How looking through these 4 lenses will help

Whether you're revamping an existing product or kickstarting idea generation for a new product with a unique competitive advantage, there are four perspectives a product development team should consider before starting design work: desirability, feasibility, viability and responsibility. Successful products meet goals in all four areas. Start by asking the right questions – read on to find out what they are.

The synergy of desirability, feasibility, viability and responsibility

These elements are not isolated but interconnected and interdependent. Creaholic specialises in supporting teams and companies find the “sweet spot” where these four lenses come together.

Balancing all aspects before and while embarking on the product design process ensures that the end result is not only appealing to customers, but also practical, profitable and ethical. This gives organisations of all sizes confidence that their products will meet user needs, increase customer loyalty, meet business goals and make a positive impact on people and the planet.