Working Agreements

Ever wondered why some workshops are super efficient and others are a total mess? Honestly, there are a lot of reasons, and while preparation is key, working agreements set the tone and ensure a safe and constructive environment.

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Best practice on how to introduce Working Agreements:

1) Download
Download Creaholic's Working Agreements for free and print them out. (Of course, the Working Agreements also work online.) Pick a set of agreements that fit your workshop (5-8). If it is a short meeting use a focused set (1-3).

2) Introduce
Introduce them at the beginning of your workshop.

3) Open for additional agreements
Ask the participants if they have additional agreements that are important to them. If so, add them to the others.

4) Reframe
Are there agreements the participants don’t agree with? Reframe them to get their buy in.

5) Sign
Depending on the workshop, introducing them is enough. But if you need a higher level of commitment, let the participants sign the agreements.

Pro tip: A good alternative for longer working sessions is to develop the Working Agreements together with the team as a starter – this can also ensure stronger commitment.