Corporate Culture Jam 2024: A recap of shaping and sharing superpowers

At the Corporate Culture Jam 2024 we jammed, we created, we discussed, and we connected… all in the spirit of shaping corporate culture in an inspiring and empowering way.

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Looking back: CCJ 2023

Starting a movement with movement

The Corporate Culture Jam (#ccjam) started off with a movement: Creaholicer Tinu Anders took it upon himself to show participants how to start a movement. Accompanied only by live music performed by didgeLounge, Tinu danced in front of the audience for a full two minutes (likely the longest two minutes of his life) before a member of the audience joined him. Then, one by one and group by group, everyone began dancing until the whole room was moving. It was a highlight for everyone! And that energy surged throughout the whole day and into the next.

Creaholicers take the stage

Katja Bürki presented a keynote about starting cultural transformation by thinking from the end. Angela Haas led a Barcamp – which put workshop topics, methods and solutions into Jammers' hands. Nils Reisen and Claudia Leu gave insight into Creaholic's own cultural transformation and how we make the most of our own tool, Pulse Feedback.

A new take on ding-dong-ditch

Among other insightful presentations and meaningful teamwork, artists Frank and Patrik Riklin encouraged participants to only think outside of the box but also bend the rules. Groups of audience members went outside to ring on neighbours doorbells – but instead of running away, they had short conversations with residents and wished them a nice day.

We hope we'll see you at the next Corporate Culture Jam on 13-14 March 2024 to build up your superpowers!

Get inspired by Katjas keynote "Thinking from the End"