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Customer Journey Mapping

Every time your customers interact with your organisation, it’s an experience. Make it count.

Course structure

We’ll begin by illuminating and structuring our own experiences. After that, a few clarifications and explanations: what do we mean by “customer journey”, by use cases, persona or emotion curve, and where are the two ends of the E2E experience chain?

Once we’ve agreed on this, we split into groups and document the customer experience chain for a specific offering, step by step and layer by layer.

We’ll discuss where you can get the necessary information, what you can determine yourself and when you should definitely ask your customers. When the current situation has been clarified, we conclude with ideas for optimising and reflect on how to transfer this experience into your everyday practice.

Karin Hilzinger

Inventor & Trainer

"Stop wanting to make money – start making sense and profit will follow".

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