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Business success is the result of loyal customers

In a world where supply exceeds demand, each customer chooses the solution that suits them best overall.

That means the company’s long-term economic success is the result of customers sticking around, wanting more, and recommending the company to others.

The customer experience can be managed and targeted

With Customer Experience Management (CEM), the customer experience is made tangible in terms of journeys, providing a means for it to be structured and measured.

When the customer experience is a quantifiable entity, employees can govern it, target it and use appropriate tools to shape it.

Customer experience as a factor in strategic decisions

When the customer experience can be quantified, it can also be balanced against its economic efficiency and design potential.

In this way, the various factors that affect the company’s economic success can be strategically prioritised and managed.

This management system does not haphazardly improve the customer experience, but rather optimises it in a targeted way towards specific outcomes.

The heart of CEM is the targeted improvement of customer experiences

CEM makes it possible to govern customer journeys in such a way that they can be optimized to meet certain targets.

To achieve this, journeys are first identified and prioritised. Then, goals for the optimisation are defined and customer experiences are improved, gradually or radically, in a concrete way.

Some of the companies we've created value for

These clients have recognised that targeted design and the governance of customer experiences are keys to their success.

How we can help you to manage customer experiences

  • Setup for Success. We lay the groundwork for a company to implement Customer Experience Management.

  • Journey Discovery. We identify journeys that can be governed and set up the targets for that governance.

  • Journey Optimisation. We design concrete experiences in order to optimise their details towards a goal.

The benefits of working with us


Custom-made framework

We build on whatever already exists and works in the company, adding only the critical components that are missing.


Strategic clarity

We establish a mature understanding of customer centricity and thereby generate a sustainable business impact.



We use design research to create experiences and proceed with validated testing to reach the optimisation goal.

Our viewpoint on Customer Experience Management

Michael Karsch

Customer-centric Inspirer

«Together we can ensure a mature understanding of customer centricity.»

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