A TV box to disconnect

Shelduck TV approached us to help design a Slow TV box that would showcase their stunning aerial footage. They came away with more than they expected: not only a working prototype with an attractive design, but also valuable business tips.

Sleek design and hefty processing power

Breathtaking aerial shots of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, stored in a compact TV box: that’s the vision that spurred Valais resident Baptiste Mabillard to create Shelduck TV. His drone shots—and those of his partners—will soon adorn displays in waiting rooms and lounges at doctors’ offices, hospitals, airports or hotels, giving people the opportunity to escape from everyday life for a few moments.

But to wow his prospective clients during sales pitches, Mabillard needed a minimum viable product—that is, a working prototype TV box. So the young entrepreneur brought his request to us. The requirements for the box were clear: high quality, an attractive design, and—contrary to today’s “stream everything” trend—enough memory and processing power to store the video recordings locally on the TV box itself.

Creaholic took this project brief and ran with it, putting together an interdisciplinary team from the fields of electronics, user interface design, and industrial design.

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