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How can you make sure you stay inspired, creative and at the top of your game as an inventor? By constantly reinventing yourself by expanding your mindset and improving your skills. And how do you do this? By learning!

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We believe sharing is caring! Our team organizes regular Learning Lunches where Creaholicers share what they know with colleagues, allowing all of us a chance to learn while we munch and ask lots of questions! Now we’re opening up our Learning Lunches to you so you also have a chance to expand your toolbox and fill your brain with relevant insights from the world of innovation.

Bring your own lunch and a bucket of curiosity and join us in the Creaholic Invention Ramp for an inspiring Open Learning Lunch. We’ll meet at 12:00 and the 45-minute session will begin at 12:15.

These events are free and open to everyone. Please also note that the Learning Lunches will be in English only.

Previous Open Learning Lunches

New Concepts in Traditional Watchmaking

On 22 April, we welcomed a special guest from our network: Ilan Vardi – mathematician, scientist and horologist. During this Open Learning Lunch on the topic of “New Concepts in Traditional Watchmaking”, Ilan told us about his revolutionary invention, the iso-spring time-regulating mechanism, and left us with a lingering question… what does your watch display?

The Power of Ultrasound in Product Development

Professional Inventor Laurent Torriani introduced us to the seemingly invisible power of ultrasonic technology and its various applications. He spoke about familiar uses of ultrasound, as well as unconventional uses discovered during Creaholic projects. Finally, he showcased a special application of ultrasonic technology used for the Creaholic spin-off, WooldWelding, which is used on the market in wood construction (IKEA) and also in the medical field.

Sustainable Innovation

Professional Inventor Hampe Wyss shared some tools and methodologies that facilitated the integration of sustainability into innovation – even in cases of fast-paced iterative processes that did not harmonize well with in-depth lifecycle assessments.

Intellectual Property Basics

Professional Inventor and in-house IP coordinator Carole Chapelat taught the basics of Intellectual Property and answered questions such as “What does a patent actually protect?”, “How long does a patent last?”, and “What are other existing rights?”.